Coach’s Message: Ripples 


Star’s Football Family- 

My message this week comes to you directly from my heart. This past weekend I was out of town to put to rest my wife’s grandmother Lucy. While she was not my blood grandmother over the past 20 years Grandma Lucy became a very large part of my life. Her death at 100 years old is a testament to her relentless positivity and philosophy on life. It is something I would like to share with you as I feel we can all take something from this.  

Lucy was born in 1921 and lived to be 100 years old despite living through the great depression a world war and a global pandemic. She had 5 kids 15 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.  Lucy was tough but loving, she understood that life was not fair but never made excuses. She always kept her eyes forward and remained positive in spite of the struggles in front of her. She would say what was on her mind but only spoke when she needed to be heard. I remember very clearly when my wife and I were dating and she called me over to her. Pulled me to her and whispered in my ear: 

Lucy:  “ So you gonna marry my granddaughter or what? “  

Me; Yes Ma’am – ( a year later we were married) 

The bottom line is she gave love and in return, she received it back tenfold. I think that is what I have taken from this experience the most. At her funeral, she was surrounded by what she had created with her love. Her children arranged a beautiful ceremony, her grandsons were the pallbearers and her granddaughters read from the bible. It was moving, to see the impact one person can have.  It reinforced my belief that we all have the capability to make an impact in life. It reminded me of a quote from the Dalai Lama 

I want you to understand the mission of the program clearly and concisely. We are people over players, each day I step into the school my goal is to make an impact on your son or daughter. The vision of this program is to spread this ripple as far into the world as possible. However, this cannot be done without all of us. This week let us all see what type of ripple we can create in a positive way. 

Staff Updates: 

Coach Rick Magsamen –

Coach Magsamen will not be returning to the North Star Football program next year. Coach Mag’s is a dear friend and the program owe’s him a lot. Over the past 10 years, he has helped lead the defense and bring this program to the top of the 7A football world. We wish him well in his next venture and appreciate all he has contributed over the years. 


With the dawn of a new year, I feel this is a great opportunity to reintroduce our Iron Star Values. As a program, our values have been and will always be the foundation of our belief system. Everything we do as a program is built around the facilitation of the message that our values deliver. At St. Charles North our values are known as Iron Star Football. Each point on the star represents 1 value. None more important than the other. Each value owns an equal stake in the program, much like each parent, player, and staff member. As the head coach, it is my purpose to deliver an experience that goes above and beyond the game of football. Iron Star football is the antithesis of this message.   

This week our program will be taking a deep dive into our value of ACCOUNTABILITY. 

When teaching our values to our players we will focus on 3 aspects of learning and understanding. 

Values: The “WHY” of our program

Standards: The “HOW” of our program 

  • Standards define how the values will be executed 

Outcomes: The “What” of our program 

  • This is what can happen if our values are believed and executed with flawless detail 

Here is how the value of ACCOUNTABILITY is built within our program. 

Value: Accountability 

Standard: Taking action in all we do. If you see something that needs to be done…DO IT! It’s about solving problems and not turning a blind eye to anything.  

Outcome: If accountability becomes the norm and we all take action then we will lighten the load for each other. The heavy lifting will become light and we will be able to move mountains. 

Our program is built on accountability, our players do an amazing job of this. They continue to hold the cards with this value. Each year our level of accountability is determined not by the coach but by how the players take action. 

Parents, I encourage you to maybe have a dinner time talk about this value with your son and learn how they view accountability in our program. 



In the SCN FB program, we develop an individualized plan for all players. We focus on the holistic development of each individual in the following categories. 

  1. Physical
  2. Mental 
  3. Tactical Advantage
  4. Technical 

This past week we communicated our goals with the players. It is always a great experience for me to see them read and process what we are asking of them. Inevitably it leads to much deeper discussions about their own personal development. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED Platoon Challenge Update 

Our week 7 Elite Leader is Senior to be Henry Warsaw. Henry is a 3-year starter who has developed himself into one of the top-rated Ol/ DL in the state of Illinois. More impressively, Henry has taken his leadership into uncharted territories. No longer is he the “lead by example “ guy. Now Henry is the lead by leadership guy. By this, I mean Henry will now hold his teammates accountable to the standards. We always say that the difference between friendship and teammates is a fine line. A friend will allow you to be below the line while a teammate will hold you to the line. 



As we move into 2022 one of my goals as the leader of the program is to create more opportunities to play the game for our youth and in-building athletes. With that said Mike Taormina and his I9 program have launched a very exciting 7 on 7 program that we will be participating in this April & May. 

17u (varsity) HC Anthony Priami 

15 u Frosh / incoming 8th grades  Plumb/ Reinke 

13 u 7th and 8th-grade teams (looking for coaches) 



Star’s football program is always looking for opportunities to reach the community. If you have any philanthropic opportunities please contact coach robert.pomazak@d303.org                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


URGENT Calling all parents, grandparents, friends, and family! Our Stars will be working extremely hard in the off-season. One of the major focuses of development is nutrition. At the end of each lift, we would like to be able to provide our players with a recovery snack of some type. . If you have availability we are accepting donations of CHOCOLATE MILK  OR PROTEIN SHAKES . 

Please contact Tricia Sharkey or me if you are interested in donating. 


Peyton Brown ‘18 : 

Peyton has committed to further his career at UW- Whitewater. We wish Peyton the very best on this next step in his career. 


January 29th 8 am our program will host the Pound 4 Pound Challenge in the SCN Fun Hous (Weight Room). This event is exactly the same as lift -a- thon but with no booster fundraising attached. Players will be treated like rock stars and perform their maxes to achieve awards for pound-for-pound strength and poundage clubs.  No cost for registration. Interested players, please fill out this form so we can begin to get a headcount. 




One of our goals is as a program is to build our youth program from a very early age. In the coming months, we will have many opportunities for our youth to connect with our Stars Program. Here is a form complete with QR codes with links to team training and 7 on 7.


As we embark on this winter off-season, I want to stress the importance of focusing not just on the destination we are striving to achieve. Getting to the top of the mountain is a great goal, but to make this a reality, we must first embrace the journey we are about to take. The day-to-day climb will feed our souls and build the behaviors that we will need to reach the destination. Focusing on a destination is not a terrible thing to do but often it is just a point on a map and it offers no benefits until the destination is reached. On the flip side, when we focus on the journey we can appreciate each small step that we take in preparation for reaching the destination. 

Finally, our communication loop must be clear, concise, and accurate.  Please take the time to read emails, newsletters and check our website www.scn4thphase.org As always, if you have any questions please reach out to any of our group leaders 


  • Player / Coach Pomazak 1 on 1 mtg form 
    • All players are encouraged to have a 1 on 1 meeting with Coach Pomazak 
  • Player College Recruiting Information form 
    • Any players interested in playing college football should fill this out ASAP 
  • Player/parent/ Coach Pomazak College Recruiting meeting 
    • Any families interested in  setting up a meeting with Coach Pomazak to discuss college recruiting and planning
  • Below is a “very’ soft plan for the next 7 months leading up to the season.. 
    • 1.1- 2.18 
    • 1.29 
    • Feb: 
      • Leadership Academy begins 
    • March:
      •  Spring Performance / open gyms 
    • April: 
      • 7 on 7 Season 
    • May
      • Summer Mtg 
    • June-Aug
      •  Summer Camp