Coach’s Message


Star’s Football Family- 

I hope this newsletter finds you and your family doing well. It seems winter is here and the holidays are upon us. I for one love the holiday season. As a first-generation American with two immigrant parents, the family has always been the foundation. Growing up in an Italian-American home every Sunday was spent going to church and then to my Nonna’s to eat, commiserate and just be together. No expectations, no special occasion other than we had the opportunity to be together. As I get older, I reminisce about those days more and more. The holidays harken back to those warm memories and reinforce the importance of family and connection. In our football program, we talk to our players about our football family and how we must learn to love one another. In the St. Charles North football program, the word F.A.M.I.L.Y is broken down even further. 







In our football program, servant leadership is one of the 5 core values. Selflessness is a virtue that can make good teams great and great teams champions. The more we understand that everything we do is for our brothers the better off we will be. We reinforce this message each time we step in the weight room, on the practice field, or take the game field.  WE over ME! 


Our first week of off-season performance training was a huge success. Over 70 athletes came in each day to invest and prepare for each other! The focus of the week was movement prep and teaching. I was blown away by the energy, focus, and positivity that our kids brought into the room each day! The highlight of the week for me was our Veteran’s Day lift. The boys wore their salute to service t-shirts. We started the session by saluting our own veteran Varsity coach Patrick Shannon. Coach Shannon is a Marine Veteran who fought in Desert Storm. While Coach Shannon is as humble as they come, he is also as selfless. This man never hesitates to fly the flag of the program and our program can learn a lot from his dedication and commitment.  We spoke to the kids about the commitment and the importance of being able to have the discipline to recommit many times over to a common cause. In our world, success does not come from the initial commitment but the many recommitments that will be made to achieve the goal. The desire to commitment long after the energy of the moment has left! 


Our Star’s football program is always looking for opportunities to reach the community. If you have any philanthropic opportunities please contact coach robert.pomazak@d303.org 

American Canyon mounts Toys for Tots drive | Local News |  napavalleyregister.comDecember is the month for giving and the North Star Football program would like to invite you to our Toys for Tots toy sorting event. Each year we will organize and go to the TFT warehouse and help sort toys. We go in one-hour time slots. It is always a great time and families are encouraged to attend.

This year’s dates and times Dec 12th, 11am – 2 pm 

Please fill out the google form to pick a time 

Please fill out GSA form prior to coming 

Celebrate The Little Things | A Gourmet PB&J Bar - Lulu the Baker


Calling all parents, grandparents, friends, and family! Our Stars will be working extremely hard in the off-season. One of the major focuses of development is nutrition. At the end of each lift, we would like to be able to provide our players with a recovery snack of some type. . If you have availability we are accepting donations of chocolate milk, Gatorade,, and pre-made PB&J sandwiches known as UNCRUSTABLES.

Please contact Tricia Sharkey or me if you are interested in donating. 


It’s a celebration of our Star’s football players! The banquet date and time have been set. Our 4th phase parent group is happy to invite you to the North Star Football Program Post Season Awards Banquet. Details will be emailed to you but here are the basic logistics 

When; Sunday Dec 5th 10am -12:00pm 

Where SCN Main Gym 

Who: All Players and Parents 

Why: Celebrate our young men and women! 


As we embark on this winter off-season, I want to stress the importance of focusing not just on the destination we are striving to achieve. Getting to the top of the mountain is a great goal, but to make this a reality, we must first embrace the journey we are about to take. The day-to-day climb will feed our souls and build the behaviors that we will need to reach the destination. Focusing on a destination is not a terrible thing to do but often it is just a point on a map and it offers no benefits until the destination is reached. On the flip side, when we focus on the journey we can appreciate each small step that we take in preparation for reaching the destination. 

Finally, our communication loop must be clear, concise, and accurate.  Please take the time to read emails, newsletters and check our website www.scn4thphase.org As always, if you have any questions please reach out to any of our group leaders