Coach’s Message


Star’s Football Family-

WE DID IT! A year to remember but now I am asking for us to forget. (lol) As the leader of this program, it is my job to lay out our mission in very clear terms. Keeping our long-term vision in focus is paramount to our overall success. Defining our shared purpose will be the foundation that all decisions are made. With that said, take a deep breath… hold it for 5 seconds… now exhale slowly.  Open your eyes and realized that last year is over and nobody will care what we did, how we did it or how successful we were. Football is a what have you done for me lately profession and its our time as the key stakeholders of this program to align our beliefs and behaviors and begin to create the experiences that will lead us back up the mountain.  

With all that said the first order of business for ALL parents and players is to prepare for the summer. Summer camp registration is open and we need ALL potential players to sign up for 2 camps per level 

  • Camp 1 June: Sports performance camp
    • Players will begin an extensive training regime design to build their physical, tactical, and technical strength skills. 
    • Due to Covid, we have missed 2 lifting cycles and we are committed to not missing this session 
    • Each level will be led by a certified strength and conditioning coach 

– Camp 2: Team Camp 

– Team camp is the more typical football camp that we have run in previous years. 

– Team scheme, skill, and continued sports performance will take place. 

As always if cost is an issue please contact Coach Pomazak 

Those who opt-out of camps cannot be held against you because all camps are voluntary, but in real terms, it will put players behind in all 4 quadrants of their development. In the end, we are a program built around exceptional player development, and not having those opportunities will only be a detriment to the player. 

 Finally, our communication loop must be clear, concise, and accurate.  Please take the time to read emails, newsletters and check our website www.scn4thphase.org As always, if you have any questions please reach out to any of our group leaders 

Tricia Sharkey– 4th Phase 

Lance Erickson – Cover 4 

Robert Pomazak – Head Coach 


1st Team All State 

Carmine Bastone 

2nd Team All State 

Paolo Gennarelli 

Parting Shots 

Thank you, for making this happen!

It’s all about this year!

Shared MVP will take us back up the mountain! 

* Schedule updates