Coach’s Message


Star’s Football Family-

WOW! Easter already, hard to believe that we are nearing the end of our journey. It has been a while since I wrote a newsletter and it feels good to be back behind the pencil. These short updates have allowed me to connect personally with our families and community. As we approach the second half of our season,  I want to thank you for the unrelenting support. As a football family, we have given our young men and women the special moments that were stolen from them early on. From the deepest corner of my heart. THANK YOU! 

With the warming of the weather and the arrival of spring comes a new set of challenges. As we continue our push for a conference championship the summer seasons begin. With the addition of the summer season, over 80% of our athletes will be impacted. Baseball, lacrosse, track and field, wrestling, and volleyball all will be starting and with that, time becomes split and stress levels can rise. I want to assure you that countless hours and meetings have gone into providing a safe and collaborative environment for our student-athletes.  Our head coaches have met throughout the beginning of 2021 to prepare a schedule that will encourage multisport athletes and allow our kids to experience the best of all sports. The goal of the remaining portion of this newsletter will be to highlight our North Football players’ expectations. 

  • Schedules are determined based on Head Coaches discussion 
  • Players have the ultimate discretion to choose which sport they attend 
  • Competition days have been prioritized going by season 
  • Spring Season takes priority over Summer Season 
  • Tryouts have been prioritized this week so players can be evaluated properly 
  • Communication is imperative, please reach out if you have any questions. 

Parting Shots 

Thank you, for making this happen!

Enjoy every moment of football!

You are awesome!