Coach’s Message


Star’s Football Family-

A good evening/morning or afternoon 🙂 I hope you have been able to take advantage of this wonderful slice of summer we have been given! I cannot remember 70 degree days during the second round of the playoffs. (btw I refer to all events in correlation to the chronology of the high school football season.) It is great to see college football back on track. It is even more exciting to have 3 of our former SCN football players suiting up in the BIG 10.  Each of these young men had different paths to achieving this moment. The one commonality was that there was a process that got them there.  This past weekend Alec Kritta caught his first collegiate pass with the University of Iowa and Tyler Nubin won his first game as a starting safety at the University of Minnesota. Both of these events are pinnacle moments in each of these young men’s lives. To say that we are proud is an understatement. I hope these young men take the time to appreciate what they are accomplishing. Moments like this get me thinking about our motto “The Process”. It is not something I made up, I am not that smart. The Process comes from the University of Alabama and Nick Saban. The Process is a philosophy that in life we will have memorable moments but the true joy is being present and selling out to the hundreds of moments that lead up to the big one.

“Enjoy the journey because the destination is a mirage.”

We talk as a team about the importance of being willing to do the work. Everyone wants to be the best but only a few will be willing to put the work in. I am so proud of the entire program for their commitment to this philosophy. Nobody outworks our kids. NOBODY! They understand their process and the constant recommitment it takes to be ELITE. 

Ugly Sweater Anyone 

In the spirit of the holidays, our program is holding an ugly sweater and mask sale from 11.01- 11.09.  6 different models of an ugly sweater, t-shirts and long sleeve tees are available. Along with 3 models of winter masks. Perfect to wear to the holiday ugly sweater zoom party. Information can be found below 


Parting Shots 

We will get through this!

We will play football!

 It will be awesome! 


Zach McClure : Varsity Team Captain 

Carmine Bastone : Varsity Team Captain

These two young men were overwhelmingly supported by their teammates and coaches to represent SCN Football as 2 of its 4 team captains for the 2020 (‘21) Season.  

We will name 2 more captains before the opening game of the Feb 2021 season. .