Coach’s Message

Star’s Football Family-

This past week was our best week of football to date. Our Star’s did an amazing job of competing. I can see every level improving and it is very exciting, to say the least.  Each day they bring an energy and excitement that fuels the effort for the day. It is wonderful to hear their laughter, see their competitive spirit, and most importantly be able to spend time with them. If I have learned anything over the past 8 months it is that the virtual world cannot and will never replace the connection that can be built on the field when we are all working to accomplish the same mission. 

In the St. Charle’s North Football program we teach our player’s the importance of tactical training and development.  The ability to listen and respond in stressful conditions is at the heart of what we do. However, it is more than just communication loops. We try to create a common purpose. We share with our players that the mission is not simply to win but it is to develop life skills that will allow us to be at our best when the situation is at its worst. 


Define it

Where are we? 

Where do we want to go? 

How are we going to get there? 

Well! This situation is certainly calling for us to be at our best.  Our mission is to invest, be selfless, and hold each other accountable to our standard of preparation.  We must be ready for when our number is called. Whether that is the fall or spring we will be ready to answer that bell!

Congratulations to our 1st Annual Passing Jamboree Champions Varsity Blue ! 

The action was fast and fun! Great job boys 

Parting Shots 

We will get through this!

We will play football!

 It will be awesome! 


    • Over the past 5 months, we have been working towards a new way of recruiting. We are proud to announce that SCN FB is the FIRST school in the country to provide college coaches with a completely virtual recruiting profile. Courtesy of Story of the Season. 
    • Please understand the program is fluid and we will be able to add players as we move on in the recruiting process. 
    • Our goal was to get this out to help our 2021 so I apologize to any 2022 who are not appearing as of yet. 
  • Coaches sideline gear (open to all/ wear what the coaches wear)
  • Players/ Parent Spirit Wear
  • please omit “required” gear there is nothing required for any level
  • Pediatric Cancer Go Fund Me (started by the Doherty’s) 
  • Updated Calendar please review 
    • SCN 4TH PHASE 
    • There are 2 changes to the schedule
      • Oct 5th & 6th Camp 5-7 
      • No camp 10/7-10/12 


  • Sports Performance Schedules
    • SCN FB FALL sports performance week 3
      • Cost per player $120 (=$10 per session ) (20 sessions) 
      • Signup 
  • SCN Player & Parent Yoga (BACK ON FOR THIS WEEKEND! )
  • Sept 20th @ Legacy Performance 
  • 8am players 45 minutes 
  • 9am parents 45 minutes. 
  • Free / bring mask and yoga MAT if the weather is good we are outside.