Coach’s Message


Star’s Football Family-

My apologies for getting the newsletter out a little late. I hope your family is well and enjoying the first glimpses of fall. Fall has always been my favorite season for many reasons. Something about the crisp air and smell of leaves that conjures up many fond memories I have from this time of year. Unfortunately, this year we are missing something we all love. The laughs, tears, and roller coaster of emotions that football brings have been put on hold. In its place are uncertainties, inconsistencies, and political rhetoric that no high schooler should have to endure. For the past month, our coaches association has been working hard to establish our movement to have the fall season reinstated. This weekend saw thousands of parents and athletes rally to support the Let Us Play movement. I want to thank those who have taken the time to lead the charge. I appreciate the energy, commitment, and emotional resources that you have invested to keep pushing forward.  

As the leader of our program, I share in your vision of a brighter future. I want to see our players out on the field. I want to see our helmets held high and hear the roar of the crowd! We are in this together and together we can navigate our kids through this. 

I have to admit there is much to think about but I continue to focus on the essentials. That is YOU! It is the mission of our program to provide our families with a great experience. I have repeatedly had to remind myself to 

Do what you can . 

With what you have 

When you can. 

In a world where it is easy to focus on what we do not have,  I choose to focus on what we do have and what we can accomplish. Right now we can have contact days. In order to do this, we have to establish the safest environment we can each and every day. This requires a level of preparation and accountability by all of us to do our part.  We have over 110 players who are investing time each week into their personal development. They come with a passion and energy that uplifts everyone on the field.  We have coaches and players who are volunteering their time to help build their team. It is humbling to see such selflessness on display. Finally, we have parents who are leading their families through very difficult times with grace and dignity. They have supported our program and I am eternally grateful. In short, there is so much to be thankful for. I know that for some this is of little consolation, but it has to be highlighted. 

Parting Shots 

We will get through this!

We will play football!

 It will be awesome! 




  • Sports Performance Schedules
    • SCN FB FALL sports performance week 3
      • Cost per player $120 (=$10 per session ) (20 sessions) 
      • Signup 
  • SCN Player & Parent Yoga 
  • Sept 20th @ Legacy Performance 
  • 8am players 45 minutes 
  • 9am parents 45 minutes. 
  • Free / bring mask and yoga MAT if the weather is good we are outside.