Coach’s Message


Star’s Football Family-

This is not a test… I repeat this is not a test! We are two nights of sleep away from our fall contact beginning and I am PUMPED! While it is not what we all wanted for the fall, we cannot deny the opportunity that is in front of us. This is our chance to show our response to adversity. How exciting is that prospect? When everyone else is going to be complaining that we are not playing our program will be showing that the games are only a fraction of what makes football special. As I said in my earlier newsletter no amount of adversity no matter how big or small will ever deter our program away from the M.V.P. Our mission, vision, and purpose in the  SCN football family is more than just football. We will connect with our families and communities. We will provide our players with an elite experience. This is my word to you. Now I do have a favor to ask. Let us all put our differences aside and align our purpose towards the common goal of providing the support, love, and positivity that we all so desperately need during these times. We can find our peace together. I believe this.

Parting Shots 

We will get through this!

We will play football!

 It will be awesome! 



  • Sept 13th @ Legacy Performance 
  • 8am players 45 minutes 
  • 9am parents 45 minutes. 
  • Free / bring mask and yoga MAT if the weather is good we are outside.