I hope this letter finds you doing well and your family safe.  As I sit and write this letter on Friday afternoon, thoughts run in and out and lightning speed. It is always hard for me to edit and find the one thought that I would like to share through this channel.  We are going on 4 weeks of the stay at home order and I think our family has found a routine that works for the time being. My role has changed completely from out of the house 100 hour per week teacher / coach to stay at home Dad and kindergarten teacher with my daughters Morgan and Isla.  This was not an easy transition for me and early on I found myself fighting the change. I was not trying to be the “best fry guy” , I was searching for answers. As it often does, I found some peace of mind in a great book I am reading. The chapter was about compassion and how we often don’t afford ourselves the same compassion we would someone else.  This struck a chord with me in a very emotional way. Instead of being unhappy in my current situation, I needed to show myself some compassion and look for the joy during this difficult time. 

Joy vs Happiness 

“Happiness is not present in darkness and difficulty. Joy never leaves it. Joy undergirds our spirits; it brings to life peace and contentment.”

It has been argued that happiness does not happen within us but rather it happens to us. An event or situation that makes us feel happy. It also says that without that event there is no happiness.  

Joy, on the other hand, is a choice purposefully made. Joy is an attitude of the heart and spirit, present inside of us as an untapped reservoir of potential.

It’s possible to feel joy in difficult times. Joy doesn’t need a smile in order to exist, although it does feel better with one. Joy can share its space with other emotions – sadness, shame or anger. Happiness can’t. – the Difference 

This resonates to the very core of my being. I will admit that I have not always been a person of joy. Too often it has taken extrinsic moments to bring happiness to me. However, as I live through this monumental time where despair and fear run rampant I search and treasure the moments of joy I find each day. I have been reintroduced to my daughters and who they are. I witness each day how amazing my wife is as a mother. I find peace sitting in my backyard feeling the sun on my face as I work to move our program forward.. These  moments of joy have helped me cope and have given me hope for what is to come. I also want to express the joy that my daily interactions with those in our football family have brought. Your mere presence and connection is appreciated. 

As we move into mid April I hope that you can find joy during these difficult times. I wish that those moments of joy bring you peace even if only for a few minutes. Have a wonderful weekend and we will get through this. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Keep responding in positive ways and we can’t lose. 

Performance Training 

  • I have posted all lifts on Rack Performance 
  • Additional workouts will be on GOOGLE SITE 
  • Additional skill work has been posted on GOOGLE SITE 




Due to the shelter in place college coaches are now asking for film and recruiting information to be sent directly to them. I will be doing this for our kids. 


  • Currently on hold


  • Currently on hold
  • Potential Zoom meeting TBD 


This year we will have the usual camps listed below . 

*June 1st- 4th is designated for youth and individual skills camps. 

* We have added a new camp opportunity. June 6th – July 30th we will be running a separate strength & conditioning class. Bryce Biel of Legacy Performance and his staff along with our Staff will be running a 75 minute strength & speed session M-R. Camp times will vary from June to July. The availability of this camp will allow us to separate our football and strength development. While this is an extra cost, the development to the athlete is well worth it  in my opinion. Prices have yet to be released but I can assure you it will come down to less than 10 dollars a session which is well below Bryce’s usual cost. We took this step as the logical progression in our program’s development. We have always felt that our strength development conflicted with our football development in the summer. This will alleviate that problem. Additionally, we start official football camp on June 22nd. From June 1st – June 18th we will be having OTA (organized team activities) film and scheme sessions from 6pm – 8pm. These are non padded classroom based sessions. A full curriculum is being developed to better prepare our athletes cognitively for the summer installs. Again we feel this aligns more consistently with our 4 quadrant development model. There will not be a camp sign up as these opportunities are free of charge. 

* I appreciate the monetary investment you make on your child’s behalf. If you have questions please contact me.