Coach’s Message


Star’s Football Family-

Another great week is in the books as our Stars continued their climb.  Our focus this week was on the values of leadership and accountability. Platoon presentations are always my favorite part of the week. It is a chance for our players to bring our Iron Star values to life in their own words. Each player brings their own experiences into each value and that makes for great discussion and reflection. This week Baz gave us this great 3 dimensional model of what leadership looks, feels, and sounds like.  Platoon Baz focused on the collaborative part of leadership and communication. A key quote was “ leadership sounds like people talking to each other and not at each other.  As we unpacked that statement we focused on two major aspects of communication. 

  1. How we talk to each other 
  2. How we talk to ourselves 

So often we treat others with more compassion and patience than we treat ourselves. We talked about the importance of positive self-talk and how we must learn how to TALK TO OURSELVES as opposed to TALKING AT OURSELVES. With this in mind, our team’s focus this week will be to encourage positive affirmations throughout the entire program. 


This week’s value is SELFLESSNESS. Platoon Goodfellas is on the clock and I am sure they will give us a great presentation full of insight and thought. However, we will not stop there. It has become a tradition in the SCN Football program that during the week of Selflessness we hold our Servant Leadership Platoon Projects. Each platoon is in charge of organizing, planning, and executing 1 servant leadership event. The event can have no real limits and the greater the impact the higher the score from the coaching staff. Be on the lookout via Twitter for updates of the platoons and their events. If you know of a resource that our players can use please reach out at let me know at your earliest 


Some great opportunities this week including our 7th annual Costume bowl! It was so much fun to watch the kids have fun, connect and dress up in their favorite costumes.  Our overall point leader was the Big Baller Brand as they expanded their lead on the field. Michael Whitted took home the award for best costume as The Water Boy Bobby Boucher! Multiple teams had platoon outings and grabbed a bite to eat. In our program, these moments cannot go unnoticed as they are the glue that holds the program together. 



Be on the lookout for this week’s Earn Your Stripes Challenge. SERVANT LEADERSHIP PROJECT 

  • Each Platoon Plans/ Organizes / Executes a philanthropy event. 
  • Winner is determined 
  • by community impact 
  • Originality 
  • Platoon participation 
Celebrate The Little Things | A Gourmet PB&J Bar - Lulu the Baker


Calling all parents, grandparents, friends, and family! Our Stars work hard on the field and we love to give them some food and drink after the day is done. If you have availability we are accepting donations of chocolate milk, Gatorade, water, and pre-made PB&J sandwiches known as UNCRUSTABLES.

Please contact Tricia Sharkey if you are interested in donating. 


As we embark on this new season, I want to stress the importance of focusing not just on the destination we are striving to achieve. The top of the mountain is certainly a great goal, but to make this a reality, we must first embrace the journey we are about to take. The day-to-day climb will feed our souls and build the behaviors that we will need to reach the destination. Focusing on a destination is not a terrible thing to do but often it is just a point on a map and it offers no benefits until the destination is reached. On the flip side, when we focus on the journey we can appreciate each small step that we take in preparation for reaching the destination. 


In our preparation paradigm summer camp is the unofficial start to our season. While no camps are mandatory, our player’s attendance is an essential part of their development. With limited time, each day is a highly choreographed production with finite goals attached to each learning opportunity. Absences are expected, but players are encouraged to keep up online with all installs as a part of our accountability value. Again, our goal is to provide an ELITE experience for all participants. Lack of accountability or preparation on the player’s part will inhibit that experience. I say this not to scare anyone but to simply be transparent in our expectations and standards. 

Finally, our communication loop must be clear, concise, and accurate.  Please take the time to read emails, newsletters and check our website www.scn4thphase.org As always, if you have any questions please reach out to any of our group leaders 

  •  July 19th-7.24 
    • 7.19-7.22 SCN FB U camps 10:15-12:00pm
    • 7/19 All level camps 
    • 7/20 All level camps 
    • 7/21 all level camps 
    • 7/21 5pm 7 on 7 Varsity only 
    • 7/22 All levels at Batavia 7 on 7 / linemen challenge 
    • 7/22 Leadership 1pm 
    • 7/23 All level camps 

Tricia Sharkey– 4th Phase 

Lance Erickson – Cover 4 

Robert Pomazak – Head Coach