Coach’s Message


Star’s Football Family-

Autumn is in full swing and since this is my first fall without football in 20 years my wife has taken advantage of having a full time husband back in the picture. We have done the apple picking, carved pumpkins and even did a “color tour”! I honestly did not know that there was such a thing as a color tour but apparently it is a  BIG deal. Needless to say, I miss football more each and every day.  I was fortunate this past weekend to get away to Michigan.  On Friday night, I did like any coach who is not playing football and found the nearest field to watch a game. The game itself was not too thrilling with 2 wing t offenses running option but I found myself overtaken by the emotions of the moment. The smells, sounds and energy at the stadium radiated into every cell of my body.  I soaked it in to say the least.  It reminded me of what we are fighting for and how amazing it will be when we get to play our 1st snap! We all have a choice right now, I will say that our program will continue to stay positive. We will continue to hold the program to elite standards. The mission, vision and purpose is being tested but this resistance will never defeat our persistence. Guided by the most dedicated group of kids I have ever been with we cannot lose! 


This past week we focused on our value of “Preparation”.   In St. Charles North football we pride ourselves on our ability to create a game plan, teach it , learn it then execute it. This requires an elite commitment to preparation that each player and coach must adhere to. During these fall contact days preparation can be found in many different areas. Studying the playbook, dressing appropriately for camp, not forgetting your mask and film review all take a level of preparation that is not common for the average kid. As I said before, in my 20 years I have never had a more dedicated group. They bring their best daily! The standard is the standard and each of us have skin in the game. I want to thank our players and parents for making our culture so special. 


Platoon ? won the IRon Chef Challenge 

2 close calls ! Decision made tomorrow. 

25pts towards their score ! 

Parting Shots 

We will get through this!

We will play football!

 It will be awesome! 


  • PLATOON CHALLENGE #3 Pumpkin Carving
    • Updated Calendar please review 
    • Pediatric Cancer Go Fund Me (started by the Doherty’s) 
    • SCN Player & Parent Yoga
      •  (BACK ON Oct 18th 8am