Newsletter 14 Courage and Confidence



Courage vs Confidence 

I hope this message finds your family safe and healthy. I know that has been the name of the game for the past 3 weeks. It’s Wednesday when I am writing this and I want to apologize for not getting the newsletter out in a timely manner but much like you I am working through a mixed bag of emotions on a day to day basis. Writing the newsletter is cathartic but also drums up some of my own natural emotions.  On any given day you can find a million different opinions, stats and theories about what is going on. I for one have chosen to control what I can control and be the best husband, dad, son, brother and coach that I can be. For me personally, the lack of control is very difficult and each day I have chosen to make a difference to the small group of people that I can impact.  

“Courage or Confident Never In-Between”

In our program on game day we have a team meeting around 4:45pm that we call our “mindset meeting” In this meeting we don’t talk about X’s and O’s but instead talk about the game in detail from a mental aspect. What will the crowd be like? What type of energy will the other team bring early on? How will we handle adversity?  During this meeting I draw a continuum on the board that looks much like this. 


In the game of football there will be moments when we feel in control and have the game under our thumb. In those moments, we are playing with 100% confidence. However, there will be other times when things are not going as well and in those instances we must play courageously.  The only thing we ask of our players is to never be in between. You must play throttle down and 100% all in regardless of the side of the spectrum you are on. These times are calling for us to be courageous, choose faith over fear and be a positive influence to those we come into contact with (observing all social distancing rules, of course)  All in all we can do it, we will do it and I am proud of all you. 

Performance Training 

  • Mandatory Zoom Meeting Sunday 4/ 5
  • Link will posted on google classroom 
  • I have posted all lifts on Rack Performance 
  • Additional workouts will be on google classroom 
  • Additional skill work has been posted on both twitter and classroom



Jordan Nubin received his 1st offer from Minnesota Duluth ! 

Carmine Bastone received his 1st offer from Rose Hulman ! 



Due to the shelter in place college coaches are now asking for film and recruiting information to be sent directly to them. I will be doing this for our kids. 


  • Currently on hold


  • Currently on hold
  • Potential Zoom meeting TBD 


This year we will have the usual camps listed below . 

*June 1st- 4th is designated for youth and individual skills camps. 

* We have added a new camp opportunity. June 6th – July 30th we will be running a separate strength & conditioning class. Bryce Biel of Legacy Performance and his staff along with our Staff will be running a 75 minute strength & speed session M-R. Camp times will vary from June to July. The availability of this camp will allow us to separate our football and strength development. While this is an extra cost, the development to the athlete is well worth it  in my opinion. Prices have yet to be released but I can assure you it will come down to less than 10 dollars a session which is well below Bryce’s usual cost. We took this step as the logical progression in our program’s development. We have always felt that our strength development conflicted with our football development in the summer. This will alleviate that problem. Additionally, we start official football camp on June 22nd. From June 1st – June 18th we will be having OTA (organized team activities) film and scheme sessions from 6pm – 8pm. These are non padded classroom based sessions. A full curriculum is being developed to better prepare our athletes cognitively for the summer installs. Again we feel this aligns more consistently with our 4 quadrant development model. There will not be a camp sign up as these opportunities are free of charge. 

* I appreciate the monetary investment you make on your child’s behalf. If you have questions please contact me.